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Start Offices

Office Ready & Hot Desk

Start Offices is a virtual office and ready office provider, that offers you and your team a modern Ready office, Hot Desk, Virtual Office and Meeting Room solutions.


The customers under favour of the new generation office solutions ; very convenient figures fully equipped workplaces , has the service of the sector and is free to choose between reasonable costs and prestige. The company, which only offers its users the opportunity to focus on the work they are doing, has contributed to many entrepreneurs.


We are able to provide economic services because we are not the tenants of the buildings that our company uses but we are the owners.


Virtual Office

Now you can put into operation your business idea very quick with a fair wage. Thanks to virtual offices, you no longer need to keep a secretary or office. In short, to mention the system;

We offer you a business address on a prestigious plaza (Yelken Plaza) and you can use that address as the ”Legal Address” for your cargo arravial. We also give you a phone number based on this adress. You can write this phone number and address to your contact card and your web page. We also receive your cargos and in form you in max. 30 minutes in any case if you want them to ship another address we do it for you.

When your customers or people you know call the phone number we gave you, our professional secretaries answers the phone by your company name. We transfer the call to your mobile phone just one touch of a button if you approve the call. If you are not available, we take the note of the caller and send you immediate notification.




Instant Office

Renting a fully equipped office in İstanbul and arranging it according to needs means enduring high costs. However, it is easy to fit a company into a phone or computer with today’s technology. Yet, there is another problem; a fully equipped and cost-effective office in a prestigious address. We have workspaces that can serve you as much as you need, let you avoid unnecessary costs and offer multiple services in one office with different options.

Ready Offices today is the most commonly used office-style. The office gives many advantages to users, which having them available in the list below ;



Shared Office and Hot Desk;

(Ready Desk) system, you can start working in your office same day you rent. As soon as you open your office, we connect your phone to the switchboard. You are stepping into the most productive business life by minimizing your office costs with our common secretaria and all the services.


The Shared Open Office (Ready Desk) system is technically a shared office system that aims to work with a few companies,  in the common area and with common services.


Meeting Rooms;

StartOfisler provides you with all kinds of advanced information and communication systems for your meetings and conferences. It provides halls inclouds  infrastructure with perfect service understanding.



The technical and physical features of the Star Office rental meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology products which are very important for the people to attend the meetings.