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Part Time Office





 Part Time Office

  • Minimize your costs with our part-time officesready office can use short-term … Daily, weekly.. You decide it Start Offices  for those who want to work from home advantage of all the facilities available in the office with a lot of different services by content by Start Offices and affordable services and solutions are to work from home.Some of these services; Hot desk (shared table) mobile workforce, cloud central address and mail service.Home office which is called on business as boss with pyjama is well known financial returns are known as a working system known as tensile minimum and maximum expenses. Entrepreneurs or companies have the opportunity to work at home, without compromising corporate image it provides Start Offices, eliminating the time between going home from work home to work and develop, they’re also save time.

    Thus, the physical costs and time is not spent in vain.


    Flexible working hours they work at home, which is a system that provides the company with greater loyalty by employees because it has been happening to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. (carbon emissions etc. )


    Eligible for:


    • Short-term projects drawn up offices
    • Remote support for mobile office working sales staff
    • Week and month for working at home a few days of regular work offices
    • Fixed space for education consultants companies
    • Psychologists, counselors that work certain days of the week and hours of work
    • Contact address in istanbul for outside of istanbul or abroad companies

    Parttime Office Features and Services Provided


    • Office usage at prestigious Yelken Plaza
    • Fiber Internet and Wifi Usage
    • Redirection of Incoming faxes as PDF E-mail
    • Daily 10 black-white copy
    • Daily 5 colored copy
    • Optional tea&Coffee service
    • Optional Locker Room starting from 20 TL
    • Optional snack services on meeting times
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