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Virtual Office

Sanal Ofis Kiralık istanbul anadolu yakası


 You can activate your virtual Office idea fast and for a small fee.

Under favour of virtual offices you don’t need to hire secretary service sor rent an Office.

To speak of what this system is..

We provide you a telephone number and e-mail a business address that you can follow your cargos.

You can also use this number on your business card.
When you customer’s call this number our professional recepcionist welcomes the caller with your company’s name and connects them yo your mobile number or office desk. If you’re unavailable we send you information e-mail.

By virtual Office serving you won’t miss any call and you double your selling activities.

Entrepreneurs may not be available every time because of their meetings. Not answering the calI or answering that I’ll call you back is not an answer which causes bad reputation for the customers.

Don’t make meeting at the coffees with your VIP customers. One of the greatest advantages for you of Start Offices is to be able to arrange the customers hourly or Daily rentals on our meeting rooms. You only pay as you stay. You can corroborate your positive impressions on our meeting rooms.

With the startofisler Virtual Office keep your work ultra fast, enjoy your work

  • Legal business address usage
  • IP phone number with the area code 850 or 216
  • Professional receptionist and telephone answering
  • Taking delivery of your posts and cargo and keep them safe or reroute them another address you desire
  • WiFi usage while meeting
  • Paper included 50 pcs black-white photocopy print out
  • Paper included 10 pcs coloured photocopy print out
  • Free tea&coffee
  • Optional: Officeboy
  • Optional: Extra archive locker beginning the price of 7 USD
  • Optional: Food and beverages while meeting
  • Optional: Diverting your fax as e-mail with PDF format

Rent and payment method yearly: Beginning from 999 USD+ VAT  ( Monthly 90 USD + VAT )

By Virtual Office that you can operationalise your business ideas sof ast and economical..

 Thanks to virtual Office that you don’t need to hire any real Office. As we talk about the system briefly:

We provide you business address at the prestigious plaza which you may use it as a Cargo, delivery Office, permanent address. You can add this address to your business card and web site. We take your deliviries and inform you via mail.

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