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Office Legal Address

Kiralık Yasal Ofis Adresi, Şirket Kurulumu, Posta ve Kargo Takibi


Office Legal Address Service

 Don’t make meeting at the coffees with your VIP customers. One of the greatest advantages for you of  Start Offices is to be able to arrange the customers hourly or Daily rentals on our meeting rooms. You only pay as you stay. You can corroborate your positive impressions on our meeting rooms.


Who can take advantage of Business Address


-Companies that need physical address

-New founders like corporate or unlimited companies ,

-Companies that would like migrate business address

-Companies that demand prestigious business card

-Companies that would like the reduce the office costs

-Businessmen that operate from field or home


With the Business Address keep your work ultra fast, enjoy your work

You also may need a virtual offices. These are the offices completely designed for your needings like furnitures, high speed internet, cleaning. All you need is to bring your laptop with you. By this way you only concentrete your job then we care the rest of it.


Business Address Specs and Services


  • Legal business address usage
  • Taking delivery of your posts and cargo and keep them safe or reroute them another address you desire
  • WiFi usage while meeting
  • Paper included 50 pcs black-white photocopy print out
  • Paper included 10 pcs coloured photocopy print out
  • Free tea&coffee
  • Optional: Extra archive locker beginning the price of 7 USD
  • Optional: Food and beverages while meeting
  • Optional: Diverting your fax as e-mail with PDF format


  • Rental Payment Method: Yearly 400 USD + VAT Monthly: 33 USD + VAT
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