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Sanal Sekreterlik Hizmeti Sivas

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29 Haz 2016

Virtual Secretary Sivas

Virtual Secretary Sivas

Free Phone number (346 or 850 area coded)

Virtual secretary helps you to provide you with a fixed phone number in your city,

These numbers obtained you are supplied by the Telecom Operators that has been approved by the information and communication technologies authority ( Property belongs to you personally or your company. Virtual Secretary is a consultant in the supply process. The Secretary does not allocate virtual phone number service ) You can use this number and share the number with your circles. You can also transfer your existing number.


Diverting the incoming calls to the Virtual Call Management Center 

Human receptionist welcomes the call diverted from virtual Call Management Center


Transfer calls to settled office phone, mobile or internal number

Transfer to call on working hours. Telesecretary service except working hours or divert to mobile number.

  • Answering 0 or 12 daily call
  • Diverting incoming calls to mobile or internal number
  • Report the incoming calls via mail/SMS
  • Fax management
  • İf you want you can record your calls to your mail ( by anouncing that it’s recording )
  • Some scenarios except working hours
  • CRM usage


Virtual Secretary Wage: 100 TL + VAT Payment method is 6 month ( Minimum commitment 12 months )

Virtual Office Wage: 250 TL + VAT Payment method is yearly ( Business address,Cargo and delivery follow up and virtual secretary )

Virtual assistance Wage: 500 TL + VAT Payment method is monthly ( Minimum commitment 1 month )

In addition to this package , secretary can handle the things that boring for you like organise your meetings, buy your business trip tickets, accommodations, restaurant reservations etc. while doing this for you, you can concentrate your business.

Favorable for…
  • Architecture and engineering companies
  • Doctors, lawyers, psychologists,
  • Real estate consultants
  • Technical services, maintenance services
  • Production companies, factory and plants
  • Beauty and SPA centers
  • Advertising and promoting companies
  • Food companies
  • Chemical and medicine companies
  • Logistic and transports
  • Health and medical equipment companies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Software and hosting companies
  • Law offices,
  • Freelancers and home officers

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