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virtual office

virtual office Turkey
18 Ara 2018

Virtual office Turkey


Virtual office Turkey
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What is Virtual Office?
Virtual Office is the key to those who do not need an office to work. They have a fixed address and telephone number they need in their business cards from home or from anywhere, a secretary who will manage their fax and mail traffic by answering their phones, and a meeting room that can host business meetings when needed. It helps.

Features and Services
Prestigious Legal Address Use in Istanbul Yelken Plazada
Fixed telephone line allocation with 0850 or 0216.
Receive and forward incoming calls to you by the secretary.
To receive and maintain your Mail and Freight and to direct you to a different address when you wish,
Wifi Usage: (At meeting time and interviews)
Self Service Tea (Plant and Normal tea) Coffee
Optional: Extra Archive Cabinet at Starting Prices from 20 TL / Month
Optional: Hot, cold drinks and snacks during the meeting
Optional: Shared Incoming Fax to e-mail as pdf
Prestigious business address, equipped and ready-to-work business environment, mail-cargos, a reception that welcomes and informs your guests, meeting rooms that can be used in case of need, free tea coffee all day free, and more !!!

Type of rental and payment Year: Contact us: 0850 532 32 34
Tel: 0090 850 532 3234 Turkish and English speaking
* Sailing Plaza 2 and 3 Floor (900m2)
* Legal address
* Virtual secretariat
* Virtual assistantship
* Ready-made office (24 rooms)
* Shared office (2 rooms)
* Post cargo tracking
* The Reception
* Customer welcome
* Meeting room, (6 rooms)
* Conference hall, (2 rooms)
* Free internet – wifi
* Gigabit Ethernet Switch
* Fast Scanner 3x (FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-7030)
* Document passes – Mail Fax
* Copier Scanner 2x (Canon IR 3235 N)
* Woip telelefon – fixed telephone line allocation and secretarial
* Video conference
* Touch TV 4x (LG Pentouch TV)
* Air conditioning (Daikin)
* Kitchen – hot cold drinks (tea, coffee, …)
* Cleaning service
*Security cam


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